Understanding the types of holiday accommodations

There’s nothing better than the lead up to a holiday where you know you can ditch work and relax for an extended period of time. However the planning and boking process can be long and tedious with many different things to consider. Are you going on a back packing tour across South America? Or would you prefer to relax at a Raja Ampat islands resort? Knowing what type of holiday you want ultimately decides what type of accommodation that you should book.

There are so many different types of holiday accommodation that you can be overwhelmed with all the choices. Make sure you understand what each one is before you book to save you money and any potential disappointment.


Apartments are self-contained accommodation that suits those who are looking for the option to be able to cook for themselves and those who want more freedom and control.


If you’re looking for premium luxury, then look no further than a penthouse. They are apartments that are on the top floor of a building with many luxurious facilities.


Resorts are great getaways for anyone trying to escape reality. They have full-service accommodation and can be both an intimate couple retreat and a family holiday. Many archipelago countries have the best resorts including Fiji or the Raja Ampat islands resorts. If you want to socialise with other tourists, resorts are usually the best accommodation to make new friendships.


Those who are after a luxurious and private getaway should look for a villa. They are usually a large country house estate that is situated on its own private grounds.


Normally a rural property that is busiest during the season sport time. Think of ski lodges as an example.


One of the more known types of accommodation, a hotel provides guests with individual rooms that have their own bathroom and vary across their rating. A lower stared hotel will have fewer services and be less luxurious than a higher ranked one.

Spa Hotel

Do you need an extra relaxing getaway? Look for a Spa hotel; they are a hotel with luxurious spa facilities such as massages and mud baths.

Boutique hotel

More of a stylish hotel, boutique hotels have fewer rooms that are targeted towards trendy couples that are after a specific theme.


This type of accommodation is the love child of a hotel and apartment. Imagine the self-contained living style combined with the extra services such as a pool, gym and room service of a hotel.


Motels are the choice of accommodation for travellers. They are usually roadside hotels that have basic accommodation features with plenty of parking space.

Business Hotel

If you’re a business traveller and need accommodation that has facilities that include conference and meeting rooms then a business hotel would be the most logical choice.


Perfect for backpackers, hostels offer cheap accommodation usually with shared rooms and a communal bathroom. Just picture multiple bunkbeds stuffed into a room with a shared bathroom.

Bed and Breakfast

If you’re after a short term holiday a B&B is your best choice. They are usually intimate, small and mostly a room in someone’s house. Enjoy your intimate night with a home cooked breakfast to wake up to.

Camp site

If you have your tent or swag and are looking to sleep under the stars look for a camp site. They are common across rural towns and safari sites.


Townhouses are like apartments but are bigger and usually have fewer in the complex. They usually have multiple levels and are perfect for people looking for an urban experience.

Planning your next trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Holidays are meant to get rid of stress and anxiety not bring heighten it. If you follow this simple accommodation guide you’ll be enjoying your holiday in a luxurious penthouse in New York, maybe a ski lodge in Japan or relaxing at one of the Raja Ampat islands resorts.