How Do You Understand OT Driving Assessments?

OT stands for occupational therapy. Therefore OT Driving assessments are the driving assessments which are conducted by occupational therapists.

There are usually two different kinds of driving assessments. The first is the off road and the second is the on road driving assessment. These driving assessments as well as screening services are specifically meant to guide to old patients to access their ability to drive. This is specifically meant for patients who have neurological conditions or dementia and as a result have impaired judgment with regard to driving and so these driving assessments are used.


Types of OT driving assessment

There are two kinds of these assessment services

  1. room assessments –  this in a consultation room. The assessment is used for a predictive assessment on the driving ability of those who are cognitively impaired or for older patients. This consists of a combination of cognitive assessments as well as driving simulation. The on road assessments are meant for people who suffer from cognitive changes as well as physical changes when they are on the road. This on-road assessment is the best. However, when it comes to on road assessments, these are usually more expensive and in case the patient chooses Public Service, the wait period could be even more than six months.  In order to get an assessment which is a cost-effective solution these room assessments are conducted. In it the assessment allows the judgment as well as driving safety to be considered in a safe and cheaper environment. The outcome is either that the person passes or fails the test and this also identifies how well they will perform on the road. This is used by General practitioners to assess the decision of allowing the patient to drive and it also assesses the awareness of the driver as well as the compliance on intersections rules. This benefits as it is cheaper, quicker and an accurate prediction as to whether the person will pass or fail on a road riding assessment. The therapist can then provide a detailed report which has the objective assessment.
  2. On road driving assessment consists of a certified driving instructor and a certified driver occupational therapist. Both of these need to be involved and there also needs to be a vehicle which has dual driver controls so that the safety is maintained. On the day of the assessment, the driving instructor needs to summarise the time the assessment is taken and the performance of the agent against the licensing authority standards. In this test, the patient gets feedback regarding how they performed and they could need to go through a driver rehabilitation program. The occupational therapist will then provide a suitable report and a detailed assessment how they have scored.

The reason for this assessment is to ensure the safety of the patient as well as the other persons on the road. The reasons for it is that if the person has impaired judgment they could end up in an accident causing loss of life and limb for themselves or others.

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